Beta Lab

Guan Ding technology with a positive attitude to greet the arrival of the era of big data, adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, to create artificial intelligence, image recognition, in-depth learning as the core of the Internet technology in-depth study,Promote the development of industrial services。

Based On AI

  • Open the new era of AI service

Data Transfer Gateway

In this rapid development of the information age,the isolation of information system caused the a great deal of data redundancy and duplication. DTG provides a solution for efficient data sharing and transferring among information systems, as well as provides support for data mining
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Beta Robot

Education data has gradually become one of the most important factors of production. Facing the challenges of high-speed increased demand of high-quality education and individualized education, promoting innovation education represented by intelligent learning will open a new era of intelligent education..
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MSS(Medical Service System)

MSS is a medical cloud platform developed in the background of deepening the reform of medical and health system and promoting the construction of the medical treatment system. The product relies on massive medical data and artificial intelligence technology, aiming at establishing scientific, rational and efficient medical treatment Information service system, help health care reform, the benefit of the community.
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The Eye of Beta

Intelligent traffic is an important feature of the future morden city, intelligent transportation will be raised to a new height and starting point based on mass traffic data mining and combination of intelligent recognition and machine learning ,the travel in the future will be more safer and more convenient.
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