MSS (Medical Service System)

Artificial intelligence + health help deepen medical reform

Realize medical information service Huimin, help health care system reform, realize information service

Hierarchical Medical System

Play the advantages of Internet technology, the realization of intelligent and efficient disease diagnosis, the rational allocation of medical resources to the grassroots first diagnosis, grading clinics, two-way referral targets of acute and chronic treatment, vertical linkage

Remote Consultation

Based on the data, the establishment of multi channel remote consultation, the doctor in patients without person case, make a comprehensive, careful thinking, summary and analysis of the patient's condition, so as to make the correct diagnosis and treatment plan scientific and appropriate

Online Consultation

Through mobile Internet technology, the establishment of appointment channel mobility for patients and doctors to visit, visit activities become more convenient and efficient, greatly saves the time and energy of both doctors and patients for doctors and patients, to establish the trust relationship of long-term.

Health Management

Through large data and experts to provide patients with reasonable and convenient health advice and management, so that patients enjoy the care from family, doctors, so that health fills heaven and earth

Beta Robot

Education Internet+ open a new era of intelligent education

Automatic Correcting Homework

To evaluate the system as a reference, relying on automatic batch system for scoring operations, marking, marking work more time saving, standardized and accurate

Personalized Learning

Relying on large data mining, personalized teaching plans based on the characteristics of each student.

Interactive Learning Environment

More interactive learning, learning more active, fast feedback, direct learning.

Intelligent Tutoring System

According to the individual characteristics of science, targeted to provide teaching, humanities,computer and other disciplines of counseling,with the classroom one to many learning,and extracurricular tutoring.

Education System Feedback And Evaluation

Through the statistical analysis of the students' learning process and results, to help students and teachers to obtain the real and effective diagnostic data.

Beta Eye

Artificial intelligence + traffic : Make the traffic system more intelligent ,Traveling more secure and convenient

         Beta eye(smart camera) is an artificial intelligence product researched and developed by GuanDing Tech for ntelligent traffic, The core functionality of the product includes key target identification,deep learning, data mining and so on. Product based on industrial standard design, With 2 million, 3 million, 5 million different pixels of the video image acquisition camera,Built-in Guanding technology independent research and development of smart chips At the same time matching with the intelligent traffic cloud platform, image not only can be real-time recognized on device, but also be transmitted and stored on a cloud platform and carry out video image data mining and other deeper services


Intelligent data gateway to establish a new channel for data sharing

  • DTG is the general-purpose data transfer gateway independently developed by Guan Ding Technology Co.Ltd,
  • which is mainly used to solve the problems of information isolation between enterprise and and information systems,Cross-coupling degree of tight, lack of flexibility, and other issues.
  • DTG supports interfaces, views, databases and other data conversion methods to support different conversion methods and mapping relationship to achieve the conversion of data transmission;
  • DTG supports data cloud storage, users only need to set up and set up the storage environment according to the requirements, then the cloud storage of data can be realized;
  • DTG provides a basis for large data statistics, analysis capabilities; support cluster configuration, unified management;
  • DTG in the data transmission using a leading multi-encryption algorithm to ensure data security and reliable transmission in different network environments.